ScalableBody: A Telepresence Robot that Supports Face Position Matching using a Vertical Actuator


Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 0.20.12.png

Seeing one’s partner’s face during remote conversation is one of the most important factors for effective communication. When us- ing a telepresence robot, matching face positions with one’s partner is sometimes difficult, because face position varies in different sit- uations (e.g., standing or sitting). However, existing telepresence robots cannot change their height. Moreover, due to limited cam- era angle, the conversation partner’s face is often partly cut off in the camera view. Therefore, users cannot communicate while see- ing each other’s faces. To overcome these problems, we designed a telepresence robot called ScalableBody. ScalableBody has a ver- tical actuator that allows it to change its height and an omnidirec- tional camera that provides a wide view. The robot facilitates com- munication for different contexts using vertical actuation to match the conversation partners’ face positions. Furthermore, the operator can see a partner’s face in any direction through an omnidirectional camera. This approach can also provide users with the experience of being a different height, as if a giant or a child. In this paper, we describe the vertical actuator mechanism and report our user study on the telepresence robot.


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