Intentiō: Power Distribution through a Potentialized Human Body


We present Intentiō, which allows a potentialized human to activate low-power electronic devices by touching them. A potentialized human, i.e., one carrying our device, acts as a common power source and distributes power to electronic devices through their body. An electronic device generally requires its own power source and needs to be managed individually. The diversity of battery sources, which must also be frequently charged or exchanged, has introduced complications for users who manage electric devices. Providing a common power source may help users more easily manage electric devices because they are passive, with no power source of their own.

Intentiō is a novel concept for augmenting human to interact and handle electronic devices with power distribution, where the electric devices can passively exist without complex wiring or power sources.


Intentiō and its applications: (a) Intentiō enables users to distribute power to electronic devices from power passing through their body. (b) Electronic and IoT devices are powered by the user. They are activated by the power distributed from the user. (c) Electronic stuffed toy activated by the user. The eyes are emitted when the user touches the toy. (d) The user can adjust the amount of power distributed to the target device. The volume of an electric music box is being adjusted.

  • Michinari Kono, Hiromi Nakamura, Jun Rekimoto: “Intentiō: Power Distribution through a Potentialized Human Body,” Proceedings of the 8th Augmented Human International Conference 2017 (AH 2017), 2017.