LiDARMAN: Reprogramming Reality With Egocentric Laser Depth Scanning

LiDARMAN aims at reprogramming reality by substituting visual perception. According to several studies in psychology, our construction of reality is only a subjective experience, and we have an ability to adapt the modified perception unconsciously. As we use a Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) sensor to provide altered vision, the system can provide a novel 3D reconstructed view from outside of the body. We explore factors that affect the behavior of the user with the out-of-body vision using a prototype of our proposed system LiDARMAN. Three different representations(1st person camera, 3rd person camera, plan view) are investigated to explore potential applications such like navigation, security, or remote collaboration.


  • LiDARMAN: Reprogramming Reality With Egocentric Laser Depth Scanning, Takashi Miyaki, Jun Rekimoto (SIGGRAPH 2016 Emerging Technologies)

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