Kioku Hacker: An Augmented Life-logging System Using User Generated Geo-tagged Objects on the Internet

The aim of Kioku Hacker (kioku means “memory” in Japanese) is to encourage the users to recollect (or to rediscover) their memories as they may walk in the city in their daily life. Kioku Hacker allows ordinary users to sustainable life logging by (1) complementing the user’s footprint automatically, (2) providing people-defined geographical information, and (3) enabling tag recommendation system using Flickr’s API.

Kioku Hacker proposes the concept “Augmented life-logging” that automatically comprehending and recording their user’s activities as a life-log summary, using users’ tags from social tagging for mobile user interfaces. Kioku Hacker provides life-logging tools (Augmented Life-logger, Easy Tagging Cam) as Apple iPhone Apps.

Easy Tagging Cam: Simultaneous photo capture and tagging conducted by tapping the overlaid tag recommendation.

Timeline: the user photos are temporally interpolated by nearby tags/photos.


  • Koh Sueda, Kasushi Kotani, and Jun Rekimoto, Easy-Tagging Cam: Using Social Tagging
    to Augment Memory, SIGGRAPH 2010, poster 33A, 2010. [PDF]

Funded Project:

  • Kioku Hacker, Exploratory Software Project, Information-technology
    Promotion Agency (IPA), Japan (5.5M yen ($60,000), December 2008 – August 2009)
  • Easy Tagging Cam, Nakayama Hayao Foundation For Science &
    Technology and Culture, Japan (0.9M yen ($10,000), April 2010 -)