StratoJump: Exploring the experience of jumping to the stratosphere





StratoJump is an installation that explores the experience of high altitude jumping toward the edge of space. A participant wearing a head-mounted display is surrounded by the scene from the ground level to the height of the stratosphere. As jumping effect is linked to the participant’s head motion, the participant can feel as if he/she were actually jumping to that altitude. The spherical 360-degree video was recorded by a combination of 6-wide angle cameras lifted by a helium-filled balloon that reached a height of 32,000m, and post-processed with video stabilization.

The StratoJump is a collaborative project with The University of Tokyo Rekimoto Laboratory, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc., Unity Technologies Japan, and Keio Media Design KMD Laboratory, in cooperation with: SR Laboratory.


StratoJumpは東京大学暦本研究室、ソニーコンピューサイエンス研究所、ユニティ・テクノロジーズ・ジャパン、慶應義塾大学大学院メディアデザイン研究科付属KMD研究所、協賛:SR Laboratoryによる共同プロジェクトです。