Lunavity: A Backpack Multi-rotor System for Jumping Ability Augmentation

Augmented Jump is a system that extends the jump ability of human. A new wearable
multi-copter system lifts up a user while jumping so that the wearer can jump higher and further by her/his self. Moreover, users become able to change their direction of pose and travel in the air by sensing users’ gesturer or motion input. Those are all new augmented skills of aerial mobility. Augmented Jump makes it possible for users to control their augmented jump skills without decreasing the sense of agency.
Augmented Jump can be deployed in domains like Augmented Sports and support for
short-distance travel in the natural place where the roads are not developed. In the future, drones would be the new infrastructure for the delivery and taxi, people could instantly extend their mobility on demand.




Takahashi, Takumi, et al. “Augmented jump: a backpack multirotor system for jumping ability augmentation.” Proceedings of the 2018 ACM International Symposium on Wearable Computers. ACM, 2018.