ShootAR : A Mobile Augmented Reality Interaction for Reconciling Comfortable Operation with Spatial Continuity


The ShootAR mobile AR interaction model: The user first hold the device toward the realworld target, and then the system let the user to "shoot" it. After this operation, the user can hold the device with comfortable pose for further operation.

拡張現実感(Augmented Reality: AR)をモバイル端末上で実現するモバイルARは,カメラを備えた高機能なモバイル端末などの登場により一般的になりつつある.ほとんどのモバイルARは,ユーザがモバイル端末のカメラを対象物体に向けることで,対象物体に関連する情報を合成してディスプレイ上に表示する.しかし,長い時間モバイル端末を対象物体に向けて掲げることは,ユーザに身体的疲労を与えることとなる.さらに,遠くにある物体や一部が遮蔽された物体をモバイル端末に搭載されたカメラで認識して,情報を合成することは困難である.

Mobile augmented reality systems that use a smart-phone with a camera are becoming popular. These systems typically let users hold the device and see the real world through a live image overlaid by computer-augmented information. However, holding a mobile device toward the environment for a long time is not comfortable and suitable for precise operation. It may cause fatigue in users’ arms. Moreover, the systems can not deal with distant and occluded objects because of hardware limitation including optical zooming and camera resolution.
In this paper, we solve these problems by proposing a two-step interaction model called “ShootAR”. This model first let the user to target the real world scene like normal AR systems, and then the system suggests the user to “shoot” the scene if a matching between real and stored images can be done. Once this shoot operation succeeds, the user can interact with a stored image without holding the device toward the environment. This simple model reconciles AR’s natural spatial continuity between real and virtual scene, with kinetically comfortable operation style. We developed a mobile AR system based on this model, and show applications that are not available by traditional AR systems.


  • 島田哲朗,樋口啓太,暦本純一:ShootAR: ユーザ姿勢を考慮したモバイルARのための操作スタイルの提案,インタラクション 2011論文集,2011年3月.[PDF]