CASPER : A Haptic Enhanced Telepresence Exercise System for Elderly People


Although the necessity and importance of exercise support for the elderly people is largely recognized, the lack of skilled and adequate instructors often limits such activities physically.

高齢者のためのエクササイズの必要性と重要性は広く認識されているが, 高齢者の数が著しく増加しているのに対して,熟練した専門性の高いインストラクタが不足していることが問題になっている.


Remote exercise systems can be a solution for this problem because they may be able to support exercise activities even when instructors and participants are in separate locations. However, when simply using normal video-conferencing systems, instructors and participants have difficulty understanding each side’s situation, particularly during guided physical actions. In addition, remote exercise systems cannot support the adjustment of the position of each user, a task that is quite naturally performed in normal exercise activities.



Our system, called CASPER, solves these problems by proposing a mirror-like image composition method in which all the participants and the instructor are shown on the same screen so that both sides can understand the situation clearly. We also introduce an airy haptic device to remotely send tactile feedback for further enhancing sensations.

そこで本研究では, 自分の鏡面映像に遠隔地にいる相手が映り込む鏡面インタフェースを用いた遠隔エクササイズシステム:CASPERを提案する. さらに,CASPERは, 遠隔におけるユーザ同士のインタラクションを補助するために, 身体の動きと連動する空気砲型の触覚フィードバックデバイスを備えている.



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