Cat@Log: A Human-Pet Interaction Platform


In spite of the development of technologies that support
human-computer or human-human interaction, few studies have been conducted for improving interactions between humans and pets, pets and computers, or between two pets.

We propose a new area of research on entertainment using computers, called “human-pet interaction.”

As an initial step in this research, we have developed a series of sensing devices that can be attached to pet cats, called Cat@Log (cat-a-log). These devices comprise various sensing units such as a camera, a GPS, an accelerometer, and a Bluetooth module. Here, we attempted to determine an optimum design of the devices such that they can be attached to a pet without causing discomfort to it; for determining this design, we considered parameters such as the device’s form factor and way of attachment. These developed devices can recognize the experiences and activities of cats; information sensed by the devices is transmitted in real time by using the Bluetooth wireless module. We used this platform and developed a software system that automatically recognizes a pet’s high-level behavior and posts it to Twitter.

Cat@Log はペットコンピューティングのためのウェアラブルデバイスで、カメラ・GPS・加速度センサー・Bluetooth無線モジュールなどから構成される。このデバイスは、動物の行動に影響を与えないようにサイズ・重量・装着方針を検討して設計されてる。Cat@Logは猫の行動を認識し、Bluetooth無線送信によりリアルタイムでその上方をネットワークに伝達することができる。猫顔認識や行動分類などの複数のアルゴリズムを統合し、Twitterなどのネットサービスと自動連携することが可能である。

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