OmniGaze: A display-covered omnidirectional camera for remote presence

OmniGaze shows a remote user’s presence with a spherical LED array on a 360-degree camera. In a telepresence system, gaze is important information enabling presentation
of gaze direction and simple gesture. However, a complicated pan / tilt mechanism is required in the methods of presenting gaze with the orientation of camera itself.
OmniGaze realizes gaze communication without such a mechanism. OmniGaze shows gaze information on a spherical LED array around a 360-degree camera, which provides
a wide field of view to a remote user, and gaze information is acquired by a gaze tracker. Our system enables conveying remote user’s gaze direction and a gesture as well.

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K. Shiro, A. Okada, T. Miyaki, and J. Rekimoto. OmniGaze: A Display-covered Omnidirectional Camera for Conveying Remote User’s Presence. In. HAI ’18. ACM, 2018, pp. 176–183. acmdl