Augmented Humans 2020

At Augmented Humans 2020, although it is held as an online conference, we are going to present 4 interesting papers :

  • HapticPointer: A Neck-worn Device that Presents Direction by Vibrotactile Feedback for Remote Collaboration Tasks, Akira Matsuda, Kazunori Nozawa, Kazuki Takata, Atsushi Izumihara and Jun Rekimoto
  • PoseAsQuery: Full-Body Interface for Repeated Observation of a Person in a Video with Ambiguous Pose Indexes and Performed Poses, Natsuki Hamanishi and Jun Rekimoto
  • Remote Treatment System of Phantom Limb Pain by Displaying Body Movement in Shared VR Space, Kenta Saito, Atsushi Okada, Yu Matsumura and Jun Rekimoto
  • ExemPoser: Predicting Poses of Experts as Examples for Beginners in Climbing Using a Neural Network, Katsuhito Sasaki, Keisuke Shiro and Jun Rekimoto