SIGGRAPH 2022 presentations

At SIGGRAPH 2022, we will present the following research:

Akihiro KIuchi, Taishi Eguchi, Jun Rekimoto, Manabu Tsukada, Hiroshi Esaki, ZIGEN: A Windowing System Enabling Multitasking Among 3D and 2D Applications in Immersive Environments (poster)

Asahi Adachi, Lana Sinapayen, Jun Rekimoto, Generation of Traditional Japanese Patterns From Natural Patterns With StyleGAN (poster)

CHI 2022 presentations

at ACM CHI2022, we present the following research:

  • Xinlei Zhang, Zixiong Su, Jun Rekimoto Aware: Intuitive Device Activation Using Prosody for Natural Voice Interactions [CHI2022link] [ACM Digital Library]
  • Naoki Kimura, Tan Gemicioglu, Jonathan Womack, Yuhui Zhao, Richard Li, Abdelkareem Bedri, Zixiong Su, Alex Olwal, Jun Rekimoto, Thad Starner, SilentSpeller: Towards mobile, hands-free, silent speech text entry using electropalatography,[CHI2022 link] [ACM Digital Library]
  • Jun Rekimoto, DualVoice: A Speech Interaction Method Using Whisper-Voice as Commands, [CHI2022 link] [ACM Digital Library]

CHI 2021 presentations

CHI 2021 のテーマとロゴ / theme & logo | CHI 2021

At ACM CHI 2021 (7 May -17 May 2021) we will present the following papers:

Augmented Humans 2020

At Augmented Humans 2020, although it is held as an online conference, we are going to present 4 interesting papers :

  • HapticPointer: A Neck-worn Device that Presents Direction by Vibrotactile Feedback for Remote Collaboration Tasks, Akira Matsuda, Kazunori Nozawa, Kazuki Takata, Atsushi Izumihara and Jun Rekimoto
  • PoseAsQuery: Full-Body Interface for Repeated Observation of a Person in a Video with Ambiguous Pose Indexes and Performed Poses, Natsuki Hamanishi and Jun Rekimoto
  • Remote Treatment System of Phantom Limb Pain by Displaying Body Movement in Shared VR Space, Kenta Saito, Atsushi Okada, Yu Matsumura and Jun Rekimoto
  • ExemPoser: Predicting Poses of Experts as Examples for Beginners in Climbing Using a Neural Network, Katsuhito Sasaki, Keisuke Shiro and Jun Rekimoto

EMBC 2018

The following paper has been presented at the 40th International Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference (EMBC 2018) held in Honolulu, Hawaii from July 17-21, 2018.

  • Investigating Bodily Responses to Unknown Words: a Focus on Facial Expressions and EEG. Xinlei Zhang, Nataliya Kosmyna, Pattie Maes and Jun Rekimoto, EMBC 2018

The paper will be published in IEEE Xplore and indexed by PubMed and Medline.


Augmented Human 2018

At Augmented Human 2018, the following papers will be presented.

Conference: 9th Augmented Human International Conference (AH2018, Feb. 7-9, Seoul, Korea)

  • Investigation of Tracer Particles Realizing 3-Dimensional Water Flow Measurement for Augmented Swimming Training, Shogo Yamashita, Sunichi Suwa, Takashi Miyaki, Jun Rekimoto Best Paper Award
  • Design and Study of a Multi-Channel Electrical Muscle Stimulation Toolkit for Human Augmentation, Michinari Kono, Yoshio Ishiguro, Takashi Miyaki, Jun Rekimoto
  • Sync Class: Visualization System for In-Class Student Synchronization, Katsuya Fujii, Plivelic Marian, Dav Clark, Yoshi Okamoto, Jun Rekimoto
  • V8 Storming: How Far Should Two Ideas Be?, Yui Kita, Jun Rekimoto

Rekimoto Lab OpenHouse 2016 Materials

3/5に開催しました暦本研究室オープンハウス #rkmtlab2016 でお渡ししていた資料をご希望の方にお送りします。返送用の角2号封筒に宛先を記入し郵送料として切手250円分を貼ったものを以下までお送りください。

〒113-0033 東京都文京区本郷7-3-1 東京大学情報学環 暦本研究室  [資料希望]


  • Rekimoto Lab Research Archives 2016 (40p, カラー)
  • 業績一覧
  • 日経エレクトロニクス 2016年2月号展望論文「IoTからIoAへ:人類を拡張するネットワーク」別刷
  • AXIS cover interview 別刷
  • H2L ポストカード

が含まれています。Research ArchivesとAXIS別刷は和英併記です。
※ 国外宛先へ送付ご希望の方: 資料の重量が190g程度なので必要な切手等を添付の上返送用封筒を送付ください。
※ H2Lは暦本研卒業生2名が創業したスタートアップ企業です。
※ 返信用封筒の不備や送料不足の場合は対応できませんのでご注意ください。

Upon request, we will send you the materials we supplied at Rekimoto Lab OpenHouse 2016. The materials include:

  • Rekimoto Lab Research Archive 2016 Brochure (40 pages, color, written in both Japanese and English)
  • AXIS magazine cover interview (Jun Rekimoto, 2012, written in both Japanese and English)
  • Nikkei Electronics Prospective Paper 2016.2 “From IoT to IoA (internet of Abilities), the network that expands humans” (in Japanese)
  • Publication list
  • H2L inc. Postcard (a startup company founded by two Rekimoto-Lab alumni)

The Materials weight 190g. Please put appropriate stamps on the return envelope, with your return address, and send it to:

Rekimoto Lab.
Interdisciplinary Initiative in Information Studies,
The University of Tokyo
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku
Tokyo 113-0033 JAPAN


インタラクション2016 (2016.3.2-4 科学技術館)にて、以下の研究発表を行います:

  • JackIn Space: 一人称・三人称映像間の連続的な遷移を可能にするテレプレゼンスシステム,
    小宮山 凌平,味八木 崇(東大),暦本 純一(東大/ソニーCSL)[3/2 15:20-16:35 一般講演2]

  • (1B32★) CASPER: 高齢者のための空気砲を用いた遠隔エクササイズシステム
    門村 亜珠沙,松田 暁(東大),暦本 純一(東大/ソニーCSL) [3/2 13:00-15:10 インタラクティブ発表1] インタラクティブ発表賞受賞!

  • (1C64★) WithYou: 音声認識を用いたインタラクティブシャドーイングコーチ
    張 鑫磊,味八木 崇(東大),暦本 純一(東大/ソニーCSL)[3/2 13:00-15:10 インタラクティブ発表1]