At IEEE ICMLA 2022 (21st IEEE International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications), the following paper is presented:

DDSupport: Language Learning Support System that Displays Differences and Distances from
Model Speech
, Kawamura, Kazuki; Rekimoto, Jun

UIST 2022 presentations

At ACM UIST 2022, we present the following papers/posters:


  • Jun Rekimoto, DualVoice: Speech Interaction that Discriminates between Normal and Whispered Voice Input, ACM UIST 2022, paper, [UIST] [ACMDL] [arXiv] [project]
  • Jonathan Sutton, Tobias Langlotz, Alexander Plopski, Stefanie Zollmann, Yuta Itoh, Holger Regenbrecht, Look over there! Investigating Saliency Modulation for Visual Guidance with Augmented Reality Glasses, ACM UIST 2022, paper [UIST]


  • Kazuki Kawamura, Jun Rekimoto, AIx speed: Playback Speed Optimization using Listening Comprehension of Speech Recognition Models, ACM UIST 2022, poster [UIST]
  • Wanhui Li, Takuto Nakamura, Jun Rekimoto, RemoconHanger: Making Head Rotation in Remote Person using the Hanger Reflex, ACM UIST 2022, poster [UIST]
  • Hirotaka Hiraki, Jun Rekimoto, SilentWhisper: faint whisper speech using wearable microphone, ACM UIST 2022 poster [UIST]
  • Zixiong Su, Shitao Fang, Jun Rekimoto, LipLearner: Customizing Silent Speech Commands from Voice Input using One-shot Lipreading, ACM UIST 2022 poster [UIST]
  • Naoki Kimura, Self-Supervised Approach for Few-shot Hand Gesture Recognition, ACM UIST 2022 poster [UIST]

SIGGRAPH 2022 presentations

At SIGGRAPH 2022, we will present the following research:

Akihiro KIuchi, Taishi Eguchi, Jun Rekimoto, Manabu Tsukada, Hiroshi Esaki, ZIGEN: A Windowing System Enabling Multitasking Among 3D and 2D Applications in Immersive Environments (poster)

Asahi Adachi, Lana Sinapayen, Jun Rekimoto, Generation of Traditional Japanese Patterns From Natural Patterns With StyleGAN (poster)

CHI 2022 presentations

at ACM CHI2022, we present the following research:

  • Xinlei Zhang, Zixiong Su, Jun Rekimoto Aware: Intuitive Device Activation Using Prosody for Natural Voice Interactions [CHI2022link] [ACM Digital Library]
  • Naoki Kimura, Tan Gemicioglu, Jonathan Womack, Yuhui Zhao, Richard Li, Abdelkareem Bedri, Zixiong Su, Alex Olwal, Jun Rekimoto, Thad Starner, SilentSpeller: Towards mobile, hands-free, silent speech text entry using electropalatography,[CHI2022 link] [ACM Digital Library]
  • Jun Rekimoto, DualVoice: A Speech Interaction Method Using Whisper-Voice as Commands, [CHI2022 link] [ACM Digital Library]


情報処理学会 INTERACITON 2022 で、以下の研究発表を行います:


  • DDSupport: モデルとなる発音との差異・距離を提示する言語学習支援システム, 河村 和紀(Sony CSL Kyoto),暦本 純一(東大/Sony CSL Kyoto)


  • 視線入力とリップリーディングを用いたハンズフリーインタフェース (★プレミアム発表), 蘇 子雄,張 鑫磊,木村 直紀(東大),暦本 純一(東大/ソニーCSL)
  • ハンガー反射を用いて遠隔者の頭部回旋感覚を体感する研究, 李 万慧(東大),平城 裕隆(東大/産総研),中村 拓人(東工大/日本学術振興会),暦本 純一(東大/ソニーCSL)

CHI 2021 presentations

CHI 2021 のテーマとロゴ / theme & logo | CHI 2021

At ACM CHI 2021 (7 May -17 May 2021) we will present the following papers:

ISWC 2018

Takahashi, Takumi, et al. “Augmented jump: a backpack multirotor system for jumping ability augmentation.” Proceedings of the 2018 ACM International Symposium on Wearable Computers. ACM, 2018.