Augmented Humans 2021

The following papers are presented at Augmented Humans 2021 (AHs2021):

SilentMask: Mask-type Silent Speech Interface with Measurement of Mouth Movement
Hirotaka Hiraki and Jun Rekimoto

Derma: Silent Speech Interaction Using Transcutaneous Motion Sensing
Jun Rekimoto and Yui Nishimura

Motion-specific Browsing method by mapping to a circle for personal video Observation with Head-Mounted Displays
Natsuki Hamanishi and Jun Rekimoto

木村直紀君がMicrosoft Research Asia Fellowship 2020を受賞

木村直紀君(博士課程2年)が Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship2020 winnerに選出されました。100名を超える、中国、香港、台湾、シンガポール、韓国、日本からの応募から選出された12名のうちの一名です。受賞者には、残りの学生期間の研究支援やAcademic Eventへの招待、3ヶ月の北京のMSRAでのリサーチインターンの権利、賞金が授与されます。

The Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Program aims to empower and encourage PhD students in the Asia-Pacific region to realize their potential in computer science-related research. Over one hundred distinguished PhD candidates from 36 leading research academic institutions in China, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and Singapore were nominated for the 2020 Microsoft Research Asia fellowships. After evaluating each application, MSRA review committee selected 12 outstanding PhD candidates whose exceptional talent and innovation in computer science-related research identifies them as emerging leaders in the Asia-Pacific region.

Microsoft Research Asia 2020 Fellow: Naoki Kimura

Naoki Kimura

The University of Tokyo
Supervisor: Junichi Rekimoto

Research interests: Human-Computer Interaction, Wearable Computing, Pattern Recognition
Long-term research goal: I am developing an interface that allows every human being to use a computer without any special ability or training, like internal organs controlled by autonomic nerves. We still have many barriers to use computers. To use current computer systems, we need not only training, but also, at least vision and hands, or hearing and voice. The training keeps many people away from computers. Not all people have vision or hearing enough. Computers remain a tool for privileged people. For this goal, I have been working on Silent Speech Interfaces.


ISID INNOLABと共同研究を行っている遠隔リハビリテーションシステムです。


project page: Remote Treatment System of Phantom Limb Pain by Displaying Body Movement in Shared VR Space




また,東京大学ヒューマンオーグメンテーション社会連携講座の開設に伴いまして、特任教員(特任准教授、特任講師、あるいは特任助教) の公募を開始します。是非ご応募ください.募集要項はこちら




日程:6/20 (土) 15:00 – 17:00